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No More BRPs After 2024 - Massive change in UK Visa.

The UK Visa and Immigration department has planned some changes to immigration status information, which in most cases as of now is the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). This will be relevant, particularly for students applying for Graduate Visas in 2023 or later as well as any immigrant with a visa valid post 31st December 2024.

If you have a visa valid well into 2025 or even later, you will notice that your BRP expires on 31st December 2024. However, this is the expiry of your physical BRP card and not your visa. So don't panic if you have a visa valid till say 2nd June 2025 but your BRP expires on 1st December 2024.

The UKVI is digitising the immigration status information and from 1st January 2025, you will be able to verify your immigration status online thereby ending the requirement for all physical BRP cards.

As of now, several other information such as the right to work and driving license can be verified online and the same information can be shared with employers or relevant authorities as required. Immigration status information too will be accessible online from 2025.

It is important to note that this in no way automatically extends your right to stay in the UK if your visa expires on or before 31st December 2024. If you plan to extend your stay in the UK for the expiry of your visa it is your responsibility to apply for a new one well in advance.

All information provided here is correct as of 4th August 2022. Please note that the UK Government may have changed the rules or released new information later on. The latest information regarding BRPs can be found on Biometric residence permits (BRPs): What a BRP is - GOV.UK (

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