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YouTube - Subscribed View

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Don't we all love watching our favourite YouTubers' videos, but get annoyed by repeated reminders to subscribe to the channel?

I understand the need for the creator to remind non-subscribed viewers to subscribe. It is essential for the growth of the channel and the creator gets a positive reinforcement that encourages them to keep making more content.

However, for the people who are already subscribed to the channel and has been for months or even years, these reminders can get a bit tiresome.

YouTube can come up with a simple solution for this: A Subscribed View.

A subscribed view will allow viewers subscribed to the channel to watch videos of their favourite creators without having to hear the request to join the family every time they play the videos.

While uploading the videos, the creators should have the option to choose which part of the video asks non-subscribed viewers to subscribe and YouTube will automatically skip over this part for those viewers who are already subscribed. This can be further improved to skip over long intros and skip directly to the real content.

Now, this is not a feature without which anyone is going to stop using YouTube, but I think it will be a nice convenience making it a better experience. And if you guys are not subscribed to my YouTube Channel, I would appreciate you hitting the subscribe button on

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