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How to Save an Extra £100 on Galaxy S22 Ultra?

If you are planning to buy a new Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra, you can save up to £100 extra using a simple trick.

On the Samsung website, there is an option to trade in your old phone.

Now you might be wondering what if you don't have an old phone you want to trade in?

Don't worry this is exactly where the trick comes in.

You can check the amount you'll get a discount for trading in different phones from the list Samsung has provided. You'll find that trading in an old Samsung phone will give you the most discount among all the brands.

Then you can head to Blackmarket where you can find refurbished phones for very cheap prices. Some models are even cheaper than the exchange prices offered by Samsung!

Now you can compare the price difference for different models on Blackmarket and the Samsung exchange list and choose the model that will give you the best savings.

At a glance, the best option as of now is to purchase a Galaxy S10 from Blackmarket for £132.21 which you can then trade in on the Samsung website for £250 saving you an extra £120!!!

The best part is you have up to 7 days to send in the old phone to Samsung and Blackmarket will deliver the refurbished on in 2 working days. That means you can order your brand new S22 Ultra right away.

You can keep checking the other refurbished models on eBay or the Facebook marketplace for even more savings and who doesn't like to save a few extra bucks in this times of high inflation.

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